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About the book:

"Everyone needs Bones -- Detective Jeffrey Bones, that is. He's armed with a bag of detective tools and solves mysteries. Mr. Green has lost his school bus. 'A bus is a big thing to lose,' Jeffrey says. But sometimes, big things are hard to find. Maybe Mr. Green's bus was stolen. Detective Bones gets out his pad, and notes the clues, and the search begins..." 

Click HERE to watch Miss. Monica read Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery Chapters 1-3!

Click HERE for chapters 4-5! 


About the book:

"Mr. and Mrs. Watson have a pig named Mercy. Mercy is a Porcine wonder. One night, Mercy decides she does not want to sleep in her own bed. She would much rather snuggle up with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. This is not good news for the Watson's bed. Or for the Watsons."

Click HERE to watch Mr. Tom read Mercy Watson to the Rescue Chapters 1-3!

Click HERE for chapters 4-6!

Click HERE for chapters 7-end! 


About the book:

"Arnold is a big bear. Louise is a chatty chipmunk. Arnold and Louise are best friends. One day, Louise announces that she is actually the Great Louweezie. She claims she can predict the future. But Arnold isn't so sure about that!" 

Click HERE to watch Miss. Monica read The Great Louweezie chapters 1-3!

Click HERE for chapters 4-end! 

Minnie and Moo.jpg

About the book:

"'Use your brain,' Minnie tells Moo. 'Cows do not drive tractors." But Moo had has her heart set on trying, and so best friend Minnie goes along for the ride. Roooaaarrr! the old tractor grumbles. Then crash! it spins to a stop. 'Where are we?' asks Moo, as feathers drift down from the sky -- and they see tiny, angry eyes staring at them. Moonsters! they think, but they are in for a surprise."  

Click HERE to watch Miss. Monica read Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon chapters 1-3!

Click HERE for chapters 4-end! 


About the book:

"Stanley Lambchop is an ordinary boy. At least he was, until the night his bulletin board fell off the wall and flattened him. All of a sudden, Stanley can slide under doors, mail himself across the country in an envelope, and fly like a kite!

But flatness has its serious side, too. Sneak thieves have been stealing painting from the Famous Museum of Art, and Stanley knows he's the only one who can stop them. Will the robbers discover Stanley's plan before he foils theirs?"




Click HERE to watch Miss. Monica read Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure chapters 1-3!

Click HERE for chapter 4!

Click HERE for chapters 5-end! 

In memory of our beloved

Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy...

You will be greatly missed

but never forgotten.

Mayor reading Dr Seuss

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